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>> i am deirdre bolton. welcome to "money moves weekend," where we bring you some of the best interviews of the week. our focus is on alternative assets -- places investors are putting their money outside of traditional stocks and bonds. we talk to experts in the world of private equity, venture- capital, and much more about where they see opportunities. today on "money moves weekend" we focus on the expanding world of digital and mobile app strategies. what do clients want most?
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from concept to concrete quickly. firstl show you the features on the site. --ll gates and peter thiel thiel will show you how the nine billion dollar and industry is about to change. suisse of credit highlights three areas where she thinks investors can make money. transportation for us means the transport of global goods and services. we are focusing on that in a couple of different ways. we have a port operator, dp world. it is a way to play the global shipping transportation. this implies economic health
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in the fact that goods are actually being shipped around the world. you are seeing that. >> we are. we think the global growth picture will be better than and 2013. global economy that is growing, we have noticed that the merchandise exports as a percentage of gdp is doubling at a faster rate than any time in world history. and gloom anddoom talk about unemployment and the u.s. growing slower than it should, you can listen to that data and recognize there is global growth. wille fundamental changes be better in 2014 dan 2013. 1.7% -- 1.7% in 2013. it will grow more in 2014.
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the contraction and fiscal policy will be less next year. >> we are focused on alternate assets on this show. how does water work? consumptionl pattern is directly correlated to rising global incomes. if we are right that the world's population is going to grow by another 2 billion people in the next 15-20 people, water consumption is going to go up meaningfully. can treat ity that and process it and clean it will be profit. growth is global derived in cities. when we think about where big, urban populations, that is where you have big concentrations of wealth and concentrations of rising income. us is a waying for
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to make the grid better. use your electric power utilities better. >> we are talking about these water,rends -- transport, smarter cities. what does this mean as far as u.s. versus europe and u.s. versus china? necessarilynot based on, enough to own a company in the u.s. or china. they focus on global companies. from our view, we do prefer europe over the u.s. at this point from a tactical standpoint the cubs we are seeing a change at the margins that europe is going to vote -- standpoint because we are seeing a change at the margins. >> i am looking at this euro
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zone economic senses. you say that you gradually gdp will catch up. >> that tends to be a leading indicator. >> as for china, what are you seeing? >> they posted a strong gdp number in the last quarter. we do see that china is on a growth trajectory that can go to bad --nd that is not so so .5% and that is not so bad. 7.5%. a picasso painting valued at $1 million can be yours for 135. an ancient city was once part of alexander the great's empire. bloomberg's julie hyman reports. -- to promote and
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help these organizations by offering, for the first time ever, a inting. myubist drawing from grandfather, pablo picasso, today in new york. >> the tickets only cost 100 euros. how much is this drawing actually worth? >> it is a certified one million-dollar artwork. >> what is your relationship for the international association? part in helping this cause? . >> she came up with the idea to organize a charity dinner and to picasso city win artwork. i was suspicious. will the biggest problem be to find the right artwork.
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she came back later with this painting onbist paper, it was a great choice. it is a million quality artwork. it is the peak of the cubism of my grandfather. it was a good choice. >> did it come from the family collection? my grandfather kept his artwork all his life. he kept a lot of artwork. it was, for him, a mission, to leave to humanity the proof of his talent. after his death, this was part of the picasso estate and was member to ammittee big gallery. >> now it is the gallery that is offering it up. to make thethe loan
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acquisition of this artwork with the energy of the donor. more than -- with the guarantee of the donor. it is a certified operation with all of the guarantees given by the government. the manner of -- minister of finance. everything has been done in the best way. >> do you think there will be more raffles of your grandfather's artwork or do you think this could set a precedent for other raffles? be quited say it would funny and exciting that instead of getting a car or a check, to get artwork. i hope this will be an example. the work goes on sale next week at sotheby's in paris. we are back in just a minute.
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>> welcome back to "money moves weekend." i'm deirdre bolton. mustke money, companies capture your time and attention on mobile devices. a business was built around that assumption. we have been really fortunate and lucky to have almost every major media company working with us. we have abc and warner bros. and almost half of the major magazines. we have all of the web companies as well. they see a real value proposition where we can provide technology to them, fundamental at technology to create integrations and mobile. at the same time, we can build revenue around that. by putting those two things
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together, we have been able to solve the fundamental problem of how do you make honey and mobile? how do you build that business? without cargo, it is hard to do. what do your clients one most from you? know they have a partner that understands what premium is, that is respectful of the brand and how long it has taken them to build that brand. cpmt dollars, high premium dollars. with a sales force that understands mobile. if you can help them understand mobile and bring them the dollars they would not get themselves, there is nothing better. they keep coming and saying, cargo, you solved our mobile advertising challenges.
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you have a lot of social media integration. you have made of advertising. this gets a lot of allegories of what your client -- categories of what your client wants. >> whether it is the better homes & gardens of the world, whether it is the tech crunch es, there are great places that consumer love -- consumers love to visit. people you have working here, how many are creative? york isis where new different from san francisco and the valley. place with the and a creative advertising industry that has
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popped up here. do you think that is the next step in the tech -- do you think that is the next step? basically are commodities. get it distributed throughout the world. >> what kind of growth have you ?een in the past three years you have seen exponential growth. every fortune 500 company working with us in some capacity. is that a challenge for you to grow at a measured pace? this could just explode fast. we just do not have enough space for all of the people we have.
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we turned it into a little conference room. our engineers are working together. they wanted a smart place -- a quiet lake to sit back and do excel spreadsheets. they do not want us making any sounds, so they are coding away. there are three to a desk. this is my office. i have an open door policy. i am out of the office, they use my office for telephone calls. having whiteboards, there are actually chalkboards. he is in our publisher group. the blackboard concept keeps on coming back to hear. if you remember when you could
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qre a picture, that is the code to our website. that came out of brooklyn. one side is content and the other side is community. it is a great place to work. it is very collaborative. it symbolizes that kind of creative environment we try to bring to our offices and our work environment. kargo.der and ceo of technology is changing all kinds of businesses, even traditional ones, such as the $9 billion egg industry. a company is creating eggs using plant proteins. the founder and cio was here. the funny thing about food is
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the more you look at it, the more bizarre it is. 1.8 trillion eggs are laid every year around the world. most of them come from pretty crazy places. imagine kitchens -- chickens crammed into cages. were starting at day one, we might look at plants that are more affordable and more efficient. >> i know that bill gates and thiel are backers. how did you connect with them? >> they are used to investing in cutting-edge technology. they are used to investing in personalized health. when they look at food, it almost stuns them at how much it lacks innovation. we approached them initially
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through a friend of mine. he introduced us to a partner of theirs and we began to tell a story of how inefficient our food system is. >> what was their reaction when they first heard? did they lean forward or did they think you were crazy? >> they definitely leans forward. it is pretty stunning, 1.8 trillion eggs. the chicken egg comes from all of these crazy laces. mind.e that boggles the they are interested in tackling industries that have massive markets. that is certainly the case with the chicken egg. >> what kind of legalities do you pay attention to? there are food companies that are already clients. what is involved from a legal perspective? >> we looked at over 1500 plants
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around the world and we found 11 that are highly functional and that outperform the chicken egg. the plants we use in the market are certified. we are using plants that are unbelievably functional. there are some plants we identified that are not certified. talking about how they could be important in our food system and how they could be valuable to farmers. what is in the marketplace right now is certified. just a particular understanding of the complexity of plants to be able to select them and make them work for us. >> how long does the application assess take with the fda? >> about 6 months to a year. whole foods at right now. a particular plant we have identified is the yellow pea.
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there are over 5000 species. we have selected one that works for us. so we do noted, have to do anything to it approved for that. a 9 billionaking on dollar industry. the people you are taking business from the vote -- a $9 billion industry and the people you are taking business from are not going to go away quietly. what kind of pushback are you getting? you could not be that surprised. read have a long way to go we are a team of 30 people. we are in -- to go. we are a team of 30 people. it from their perspective, they are selling enormous amount of eggs. the chicken egg is not a bad thing. it is the system that surrounds most of the chicken and --
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egg. we come in at a price that is 21% less expensive. that is concerning. you do not have to always go about doing the thing we have always done. >> the hampton creeks food founder and ceo. we will be back in just 2 minutes with the founder of the platform of quirky. that conversation coming your way next. ♪
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>> welcome back to "money moves weekend." i'm deirdre bolton. quirky terms of venture ideas to products. they show up on shelves. bath andome depot, bed beyond. i spoke to the founder and ceo about how he got started. the back ofting in
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math class and trying to figure out how not to listen to my teacher. i had a product idea and i thought all i needed was a little money. i convince my parents to remortgage their house. i flew to china and found out i needed more money. people are able to get their ideas out there. 700,000 inventors out there. what do you need more than money? >> retailers, marketing. things.hese different i figured, all of that is fine. if we all came together as a community, we could push so many more great ideas out into the world. >> speaking of great ideas, this is a smart egg tray that lets you know if you are at the store if you need more eggs. >> it is the first internet
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enabled egg tray. ourorked together with global community to push great ideas. this is available at every home depot and best buy. >> you go on your smart phone and it says, you have 4 eggs left. which eggs are the oldest so you always use the oldest a first. -- egg first. >> you have these three deep printingresults -- 3-d results. >> there were lots of people who had designed products. printed them and sent them out as gifts. there was a global community sent them 3-and ge
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d printed gifts for the holidays. >> on the distribution side, they are like, what is this cool company going to come out with that we can sell? partners with home depot, best buy, target, bed bath and beyond, the container store. >> you have actually raised 150 vclion -- $150 million in funding. what are you doing with the money? >> we are doing our best to make inventing more fun. we are continually raising the bar and the types of products we are doing. we have relatively simple things management. we are partnering with ge and
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leveraging a lot of those scales. >> what is the best part of partnership with ge? >> we have global research centers that have been around 100 years. at homet with people who can figure out how to use these technologies for consumer goods. it is absolutely amazing. ofthe founder and ceo working. that does it for "money moves weekend." if you missed one of our programs, check out our website. you can watch bloomberg television on our amazing ipad app. in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your free time. ♪
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>> welcome to a "bloomberg west" special, "the baidu billionaire: inside the google of china." i'm emily chang. over the next half-hour, i sit down with the baidu cofounder, robin li, for a rare, exclusive and wide-ranging interview. we will talk about how he built baidu into china's largest search engine, and the challenges in a country with censorship. his relationship with tech icons like mark zuckerberg and bill gates and what he thinks about apple. but first, here is an

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